My take on gay relationship (and my lack of it):

2 rolls of toilet paper
1 bottle of Clear shampoo
1 box of Oreo
1 pack of cotton buds
1 box of medium-sized toothpaste
1 ream of Marlboro, red
1 note that says: dahil malaki ang galit natin sa ating mga baga (because we so hate our lungs).

These and my belief that love is a verb.
But succumbing to the inability to muster something that probably would have given justice to that verb--because, in fact, there is more to it than just being an action word.
And learning to love Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles...
And drowning in his memory as Vanessa Carlton did
And feeling very, very important after that short exchange of messages.
Then submitting to cerebrality that dictated: Delete The Number Now!
And deciding to love him silently...
But looking forward for summer,
And waiting for (another) Christmas.

...all these as you imagine him telling you: "you're just mystified..."


Anonymous said...

teh, nahuhulog na ba ang loob mo sa kanya?! hehehe...

(i'm singing...miles're so many miles away...)

jericho said...

... and again, I'm down.

Kiks said...

so tama nga ba ang mandaya...

pero gusto ko to. pinangiti mo ako habang nagwell up ang luha sa aking mga mata.

"taking my way down town..."

goddess said...

kahit ilang beses ko/natin i-delete ang number ng taong mahal natin, MEMORIZE naman natin!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

bakit lungs lang, isama na natin ang kidneys natin... 1 drum ng margarita coming up!

Rachel said...

My contribution: