tamis mo ay dinaig ang asukal
ngunit pait ang sukli,
nang tamnan ang lupa
nagsaburak nang ito nabasa.
burak na lumamon sa pag-asa nila
nilang mga maliliit,
at tila walang mapagkasyahan...

kailan magagalit
ang mga diyos na nananahimik?
kailan nga ba mababasag nakalalasong pananahimik?

puta ka
puta ka talaga...
matamis ka nga
pero ang pait mo sa dila
lumalatay hanggang lalamunan
naglalakbay hanggang sikmura
pinapatay ng mga diyos ang mga magsasaka

kailan magagalit
ang mga diyos na nananahimik?
kailan nga ba mababasag nakalalasong pananahimik?

silay natamisan rin
di yan maitatanggi.
tulad din sila ng iba na nalinlang
di man lamang kinutoban
at nagdalawang-isip
at nag-aksaya
at inaksaya
ang ari-arian
pag-asa nila
nilang mga maliliit
at tila walang mapagkasyahan


The fridge was empty. At least of the stuff that I wanted to eat. But I did not know what I really wanted to eat. It was past 3 eyem and all I can grab inside housemate's fridge was chocolate balls sitting cold inside this heart-shaped plastic.

The sweet-bitter taste did not help it. The alcohol is still strong in my tongue. In my lips. And the coffee too.

At least the ice-cold water helped a little. I sat facing the television set. I had the urge to watch Short Bus again but I was tired. Muscles were slowly deteriorating.

And the silence was depressing.


remember the fine sand

that burried your gorgeous feet

lest you forget

the fine sand...

that also burried mine,

only that mine were not like yours.

remember the fine sand

carried by wind

or was it by the water?

the fine white sand

and the seeds of watermelon

scattered along the shreds of red
fruit flesh, too...

remember the red light

of the city that speaks of volumes of

of pain...

of joy...

of time...

of love...

of friendship...

but i remember the sand

the water...

the watermelon...

and the seeds of watermelon...

and the shreds of the fruit's flesh.

and as i remember how the sand burried
my feet

i exhume the pain...

the joy...

the time...

the love...

the friendship...

and how can't i be happy?

but i cannot not be sad...


Locsin, Trillo lead young stars in pitch for youth group

By Jeffrey M. Tupas
Mindanao Bureau
Last updated 05:08pm (Mla time) 02/22/2007

MANILA -- Young stars Angel Locsin and Dennis Trillo are among the show business personalities who will appear in a star-studded video endorsing the new Kabataan Party-list (Youth).

Now featured in www.youtube.com, the Kabataan video has been attracting the attention of the youth, most of them expressing their support for the party, if not giggling over the presence of Trillo in the video.

Produced in January and released to the public this February, the video teaser had been on the top 35 videos of YouTube for four days. It can now be downloaded from the Internet and is being circulated in schools and communities nationwide.

"We did not pay the young people who appeared in the video. We let them read the script and they were the ones who chose what lines they would like to narrate," Mong Palatino, the group's national president and number one nominee, said in e-mail exchanges with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, parent company of the INQUIRER.net.

The brief description to the video says: "In this time of corrupt governance and political unrest/instability, the nation needs young, vibrant and innovative minds who will restore integrity and morality in governance and lead the nation to genuine progress and social change."

Also making a pitch for Kabataan in the video are noontime TV show hosts Ciara Sotto and Paolo Ballesteros, reggae band Brownman Revival vocalist Dino Concepcion, Agaw Agimat vocalist QT Paduano Nadela, TV host and student activist Atom Araullo, Filmmaker Sinag de Jesus, Palatino and fellow party nominees Rico Almoquera and Ella Colmenares.

Locsin, who was a member of the Anak ng Bayan (Kabataan's former name) in 2003, is the younger sister of Colmenares. Patino said they met with Locsin in January and asked the actress if she would agree to appear in the video teaser.

"We told her it is our aim to represent the youth sector in Congress and we can only be successful if young people will actively participate in our advocacies. She agreed. She asked her friend Dennis Trillo to be part of the video teaser and Dennis agreed too," Palatino said.

Ciara Sotto, who is also a member of Kabataan Party-list, asked Paolo Ballesteros to be part of the video.

"We want the young people to be more active, aggressive and creative in demanding reforms in the country. We hope to show the idealism of the youth. We want to manifest our disappointment about the current state of affairs in our country. Instead of wallowing in cynicism, we appeal to the passionate energies of the youth to work for genuine changes in our society," Palatino said.

"We thought of featuring young people from different walks of life who will articulate our message for a more active youth involvement in the social and political life of the country," Palatino added.

He said the video, as a political material, would be used by the party even after the elections -- whether or not they would get a seat in Congress.

"It intends to disrupt the disappointing status quo by proving that young people are really determined to fight for changes. TV ads of politicians were made mainly for the 2007 elections. Our video will be used even beyond the elections. Its objective is to encourage the youth to be more active in politics," he said.

"The involvement of youth personalities will help popularize the video among young people and hopefully our target audience will get our message. I hope they will also appreciate that the video featured not only showbiz personalities but also young people from different backgrounds," he added.

The video teaser has been receiving various reactions from the youth themselves.

"Masyadong matalas para sa pangkaraniwang kabataan. Highly political. Kunsabagay, kailangang basagin ang mga tradisyon para makapaghawan ng landas tungo sa pangmatagalang tagumpay. Nakakatuwa ring may mga celebrity endorsers na tayo. [Too sharp for the ordinary youth .... In any case, we need to break with tradition to create a path towards long-term success. It's great we already have celebrity endorsers]," one commented.

"Finally, a party which I can give my full support to…You have my vote," another said.

"Sayang…di pa ako pede bumoto…[It's a shame, I cannot vote yet] haissshh..But still, you have my support. This video made me think for a while, haha...nice one!" said another comment.

The only youth party aiming for a sectoral representation in Congress, the Kabataan Party (formerly Ang Nagkakaisang Kabataan para sa Sambayanan or Anak ng bayan) also ran in 2004 but failed to make it.

Named by Pulse Asia as one of the topmost favorite party-list groups in the 2004 elections, the group claimed being a victim of massive vote shaving and padding (dagdag-bawas).

The party's defeat however failed to deflate and weaken its desire to be at the forefront of the political arena as they worked with various youth organizations including the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP), College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), Student Christian Movement of the Philippines (SCMP), and the Kabataang Artista Para sa Tunay na Kalayaan (Karatula).

Over the years, the party fought for the rights of the students and consistently blocked and campaigned against incessant tuition and other school fee increases while demanding from the government the people's basic right to a quality and free education.

This is a sector that demands to see "another Cory [Corazon] Aquino who united a grieving nation in the mid 1980s… a new Miriam Defensor-Santiago who amazed the youth with her wit and bravado during the early 1990s."

Also on its list of advocacies are employment, good governance, consumer rights, independence, democratic rights, youth empowerment, and identity and culture -- all of these articulated in the video in a rather assertive fashion that only the youth and the daring can muster.

"Kabataan, panahon na para sumuway at maging mapangahas…[It's time for us to defy and to dare]," Trillo said in the teaser.

"Walang ibang tagapagmana ng bukas kundi tayo…walang ibang maghuhulma ng bukas kundi tayo…. [Nobody else will inherit the future but us ... Nobody else will shape the future but us]," Locsin said.

In January, Sotto, whose father Vicente "Tito" Sotto is running for senator under the government's TEAM Unity, signed up to join the party during its national convention.

In the teaser, the younger Sotto said: "Sumalungat sa karaniwang agos ng kawalang-pakialam [Let's go against the usual flow of apathy]."

Palatino, in his own blog, said that the youth could actually make the election less filthy by going out on May 14 to vote. Voting, he said, was the youth's duty and responsibility.

"If the election is dominated by the elite, let's make the elite listen to our problems. If election is a popularity contest, let's demand a concrete platform from all candidates," Palatino said.

"If we abandon the elections and allow the trapos [traditional politicians] to dominate the campaign, elections will be more meaningless and futile exercise. But our vigilance and active engagement would probably make a difference in the reforms we want to achieve by electing competent leaders and removing imbeciles in government," Palatino added.

But voting, he said, would be just one of the many ways where the youth could actually get themselves involved during the elections.

Aside from voting, he said, the youth could volunteer for candidates and parties who "espouse what we think the country needs."

"We can report electoral violations [use those camera phones]. We can campaign for an honest and peaceful election through texting, chat, blog, and joining advocacy groups during the counting of votes," he said.

"We can cancel out all our activities on May 14 in order to brave the long queues and vote in our local precincts. If we don't vote, somebody else will vote on our behalf. Remember, ghost voters are hard to catch in a superstitious country like ours. Voting is also a rare chance to get even with bad politicians," he added.

The youth party is also out to dispel political analysts' doubts about the capacity of the Filipino youth to deliver votes.

"Young voters could potentially dictate who will seat in the Senate and the next batch of local leaders. This is possible if the youth will vote on May or if they are not registered, influence family and friends to vote for candidates they want to win," he said.

"Analysts doubt the potency of the youth vote. According to them, the youth will not be a significant force in deciding the outcome of the coming polls. This is our chance to prove the skeptics wrong. The youth vote is real. We only need candidates who can inspire the youth with their creative and sensible election agenda," he added.






Panahon na para SUMUWAY. At MAGING mapangahas.

Ang GALIT natin ang ating armas.

hindi TAYO magkikimi...



At dahil balentayms...


This entry is for Manay, Gigi, and Sherad at Ang Huling Balyan ng Buhi. (Sorry. Murag nagkamali ko ganiha)


‘Lumad’ folk star in multi-awarded film by young Dabawenyo
By Jeffrey M. Tupas
Last updated 05:13am (Mla time) 02/11/2007

JELIETA Mariveles-Ruca beamed as she clutched a bouquet of fresh calla lilies handed to her by a friend during the premier of the film “Ang Huling Balyan” at the Gaisano Mall in Davao City on Feb. 2.

She later giggled and said she refused to lead the prayer because “red fighters don’t pray.”

Ruca is not a rebel in real life but she played the part in the film. Perhaps her refusal indicated that she has not totally detached herself from the character that she played.

That was also the main reason Ruca later said that generally, rural areas in Mindanao are still very much like the village of Buhi,which means life, alive, or free.

Sitting quietly behind her was the lumad (indigenous people) diva, Maaranay “Manay” Dumacon, a Manobo-Matigsalog from the village of Napalico in Arakan Valley, North Cotabato.

At least 30 other characters, all of them non-actors from Arakan and Marilog District in Davao City, could not help but chuckle every time they saw themselves on the screen.


The Matigsalog tribe is one of the lumad groups in southeastern and central Mindanao regions, particularly in the provinces of Bukidnon and North Cotabato.

Manay, a Matigsalog tagbawian or balyan (priestess), said she was happy about the outcome of the film, which was written and directed by Davao-born filmmaker Sherad Anthony Sanchez.

“I cannot say anything bad about the film… I am very happy with what I saw,” said Manay.

Before the film was shown, the 20-year-old Sanchez had to stand before his fellow Dabawenyos to warn them about his piece’s language and subject.

“I have to warn you that this film doesn’t tell stories the usual way. This is not a film where in the end you will fall in love with the leading character… you will not also get scared here like you did with Kris Aquino,” Sanchez said.


“This is something different and I hope you will like it. I just have to warn you that this film contains a new line of cinematic language. I hope it will touch you,” added Sanchez who admitted of having told some of his friends to bring along with them a kumot (blanket).

But Sanchez might have underestimated the Davao audience, who for more than two hours, stayed and endured the long wait just to get near the lead star, Manay.

Sanchez later said he was worried about how people would receive his film.

“I am skeptical about how Dabawenyos would take ‘Huling Balyan.’ The film is not Maximo Oliveros, which is charming and pleasant. It doesn’t contain materials, which the commercial audience demands and it is not a normal film,” Sanchez said.

This apprehension, he admitted, is apparently rooted in the fact that the Philippines
has not progressed when it comes to filmmaking compared to other counties like Vietnam and Thailand.

“We haven’t progressed in our cinematic language. Experimenting and conception of new cinematic language remains to be a big problem for some filmmakers because of the demand of the audience, which can be blamed on the audience’s consciousness and appreciation,” he said.

The “Huling Balyan,” Sanchez said, is a product of a study and explorations of “new sensation,” which is far from what is demanded by the audience.


The story, he said, is something very exotic and Filipino.

The film’s messages and their subtexts were presented in various ways so the audience could appreciate what it is all about.

“The film appeals to different kinds of sensitivities. You could be tired or reduced by watching it because of the untapped emotions, which were presented here. And the effect could be very addictive, Sanchez said.

Ang Huling Balyan ng Buhi tells about the intertwining lives of people living in Buhi, the most prominent of whom is Manay, the balyan strangely afflicted with stigmata.

Manay, who is supposed to be a powerful figure in the community, was often stalked by a teenager and the object of the military’s lack of grasp and sensitivity to culture and gender.

Manay abhorred the presence of the military in the area and expressed this through her songs and soliloquy. She said the military only espoused conflict in the village and should be sent out of their place.

Another significant character was Gigi (played by Ruca), a ranking communist guerrilla, who while fighting the communist revolution, was also a witness to the sexual tension between two of her young male comrades and the tragedy that befell the lovers.


Manay’s and Gigi’s lives evolved around a vortex of realities thickened by the surreal presence of significant characters that created a baffling effect.

Both Manay and Gigi gave convincing performances. In the case of Manay, how can she not be convincing when she’s playing herself?

Rated PG 13 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), the film, produced by ABS-CBN, has won for Sanchez the Best Director Award in the Cinema One Originals 2006. The body judged the film as best picture, best screenplay and the special jury citation for ensemble acting.

The Academes of Metro Manila’s Gawad Tanglaw also named Sanchez best director and the movie, best picture to tie with “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” and “Kubrador.”

Shot with an HD-camera and “do-it-yourself” equipment, the film was also named by the San Francisco Daily Guardian as the “single most important Filipino Film of 2006.”


I thought she sounded throaty as she was singing Here With Me. There was no hint of effort. Just a throaty rendetion but really moving. So like a trance.

Well, I was moved. I felt like I was in a trance and could not go back. I felt different. So different that I felt something--a feeling so familiar I realized it was exactly what I was feeling everytime I want to get hitched.

Her words were flowing gracefully leaving you speechless. She's got them all. Nothing is left for you for say. Strange because I could not understand the words. Not a single word.

Her voice rose as she succumb to her emotions.
She's gasping.
I was choking.

I hate her.
I will kill her.


Don't have much time to blog as much as I don't have much anything to say the past few few days.

This one is worth the time, though. Please visit this. Love you all. Muwahhh...