The fridge was empty. At least of the stuff that I wanted to eat. But I did not know what I really wanted to eat. It was past 3 eyem and all I can grab inside housemate's fridge was chocolate balls sitting cold inside this heart-shaped plastic.

The sweet-bitter taste did not help it. The alcohol is still strong in my tongue. In my lips. And the coffee too.

At least the ice-cold water helped a little. I sat facing the television set. I had the urge to watch Short Bus again but I was tired. Muscles were slowly deteriorating.

And the silence was depressing.


Lyka Bergen said...

Bakit di mo tinawag ang blind masajista sa kanto?

At bakit naglalasing ka?

meganhahaha said...

Hi Bananas!
Kumusta ka naman? Lasheng ka? Hmm..

tin-tin said...

ferero yung chocolate noh? :)

Fabulously EB said...

as for me, im eat chocolate too. but not coffee because its bitter. and then, im not drink very cold water too because im swell the tonsil and the doctor is already says no to cold cold water. so im not drink cold water.

and not drink alcohol too. its for the wounds only.

sannu! btw, im fabulously not eb but e-b. thanks and mabuhay friends of the philippines.

Anonymous said...

ferrero nga siguro, sabi nga ni tintin. :) ehehe. anyway, daan lang.

tagal mo nang hindi nagbloblog ha.

bat ka nga pala nag-lasing? :P

bago na blog ko! :P

Lei_SATG said...

chocolates usually always does the trick.

Anonymous said...

Hi bananas, kmsta? tagal mo nang d ngpaparamdam ahh.. dba tga davao man ka?

Angel said...

did u have a hangover ? try taking a hot shower .