This morning, looking at you, shirtless, partly wrapped in that old sheet owned by a former lover, deep in your sleep despite the nasty whirring of the fan, washed out my troubles. I must apologize. I could not not lie beside you or hold a breath, afraid that I might miss the sound of that faint snore or that inaudible grunts. I wished the world stopped the moment you pouted your lips to meet mine. And I don't have the liberty to complain because yes, the world stopped after.



I fell in love recently. It was kind difficult because this boy's used to be my friend's ex. What made things extra difficult was because we often go out together--bonded by a common interest that put us on the same page. That for some maybe a good opportunity. Not for me.

He was cool with it, my friend--the ex--as he was telling me about how easy it was for him to figure it out. That I was into his ex. I was as transparent as water. And it was easy for another friend to figure it out too. My eyes sparked when I saw him, she said. "Parang nakakita ka ng artista." She told me about the law of simplicity, if only to arrive to a good ending. That I will not elaborate.

Crucify me if I'd fail to convince you that that I did not imagine something good to happen between me and this boy because I did not. I was scared of so many things, rejection one of them. Truth is I wanted the feeling to be over immediately.

As fast as I want to end writing this.