I could be Pinoy Gay Blogs blogger number 100 and I don't mind because being on the list is like being on the A list. As I have said in my comment, I could not understand why it took me so long to decide. But yeah, I want to be on the A list.

And perhaps, I can have "quite an entrace" like that of Ms Swan in this vid:


There is something about the chain-thing that I so abhor.

When I was in 6th grade, I was introduced to the world of chain letters where Mary’s anger and displeasure, despite her virginity, is said to cause you and your family too much trouble and pain that you would rather wish you’re dead.

Perhaps I did not write too many letters that Mary, despite her virginity, threw me a difficult life. Now, I was tagged and is expected not to break the chain. Thanks kiks for the trouble c(@_@)a lol

Three things that scare me:
1. wound, open and otherwise
2. scab
3. pus

Three people who make me laugh:
1. athan
2. gay friends
3. myself

Three things I love:
1. moskee
2. vinegar
3. sex

Three things I hate:
1. gonzales
2. his boss
3. and the boss of his boss

Three things I don’t understand:
1. bisexuality
2. gay males who claim to being bisexuals when in my understanding, bisexuality is a pseudo-world of denial gays
3. why i am doing this meme?

Three things on my desk:
1. my phones
2. my green notebook
3. stacks of papers and newspapers

Three things I am doing right now:
1. filling up this meme
2. listening to hinder’s better than me
3. …

Three things I want to do before I die:
1. write a book
2. go to london
3. go to japan

intermission muna, notice nyo na lang ang dance steps at kembot nilang dalawa na akmang-akma sa kanta:

Three things I can do:
1. cook
2. sing
3. lie and pretend

Three things I can’t do:
1. suck myself
2. touch-type
3. lie and pretend

Three things I think you should listen to:
1. vienna teng
2. me
3. yourself

Three things you should never listen to:
1. gonzales
2. his boss
3. the boss of his boss and sitti navarro and sheryn regis

Three things I would like to learn:
1. paint
2. do film
3. suck myself

Three favorite foods:
1. paksiw
2. monggo
3. ginataan

Three shows I watched as a kid:
1. ang tv kids
2. twin peaks
3. doggie howser md

Three people I am tagging:
1. mandaya
2. tin
3. bakla sa banga


Athan told me about an indecent proposal he recently got from a you-would-not-suspect-that-he-is-gay mountainer whom we only met once. The correspondence started with an unsuspecting friendster message the closet chunky sent Athan, telling the boy about nonsense stuff and eventually, he ended up asking for Athan's number.

Nothing's wrong with that. But soon after, text messages poured-in, most of which I was able to read. Some of the text messages were funny but most were WUD (what are u doing?) and all those shit.

The sexually-undertoned messages started with a simple "Dude, I just masturbated." And then one afternoon, Athan forwarded me the "I want to do it with you...you know, a one-night-stand."

A what? A one-night stand? What the hell was he thinking of Athan? Loose? Fuck him and sure, I can hear him, while he is frothing in the mouth, say thank you...but yeah, fuck him!

Until now I can not believe that he is gay. I mean, as I have said, I was not expecting that he is gay. Or the gaydar needs new set of batteries. It's kind of difficult. For how can one person actually live his life inside a closet for years? I mean, I know its dark in there and too sealed-off it can suffocate one person to death. I should know. I was once there.

Of course, I am kidding. I can understand why. The suffocating effect of the dark closet is pushing him for the outing. He could have realized that the out world is a perfectly fabulous world. I should know. I am out here.

But his only problem is that, perhaps, he thinks that he is beautiful enough to compete with a formely-closeted-but-comfortably-out-now banana. Another problem is that his supressed libido is all over him and is crawling under Athan's skin.

Well, poor guy. He could be singing his heart out with this:


The flight back to Manila was at past 10 eyem Friday. Expecting to arrive Manila after about two hours (or more?), we planned of hitting the nearest mall to the airport until before 4 peyem or we will miss the flight back to Davao.

Thinking about home was a relief. Not that I don't like Puerto Princesa but because Davao--despite all the countless deaths of criminals in the making and their uncles,those who have already been made--is still different.

It's a lot better than Puerto Princesa. Or Manila. Or Cagayan de Oro. Or General Santos. It would be unfair to compare it to Cebu, or Cotabato City. You put all those cities together and they will still pale in comparison to Davao. I sure can narrate my reasons for saying and I am certain that all of you will agree to the fact that only in Davao can one person drink water straight from the faucet without the fear of getting you know what.

The excitement of making it to Davao on time and making it to two separate gatherings of student writers the next day was curtly interrupted by an inaudible whisper coming from the hidden speakers of that PAL plane, seconds after it came into a halt. That the voice was inaudible--from the captain who was whispering something very important---sounded even more worse when it blended with the strumming of the ukelele from one of the tourist guides seated at the back, just a seat from me.

The only thing clear were the words (and statements) "hydraulics...we will wait for the (spare) part to be flown here from Manila...we would like to ask you to disembark..."

Problem was the next flight to Palawan was at past 2peyem. Simple math told me to wait for more than four hours until the spare part arrives.

So I found myself back to Puerto Princesa Airport even without leaving at all. I found myself, along with more than 300 passengers, stuck in a room with multicolored chairs and a colorful box that housed a television set, the only one inside the departure area.

The TV looked so misfit but I only noticed it when it was turned on by one of the airport staff. It beamed Rudy Fernandez grappling a gun with the square-faced Max Alvarado. Looking at the screen I noticed something was terribly wrong. It was not too long for me to figure out that its screen's color looked like the hair of one of the Japanese passengers. Fuschia.

With nothing else but that, it was more entertaining to watch the dark clouds outside blind the sky.


I am supposed to blog some more about my recent PP trip but I'm suspending that to give way to this. I must not forget my advocacy.

To reach the page, please click here.


In Davao now.

For one week while in Puerto Princesa, I was deprived of the luxury of the internet. The Asturias Hotel was charging high up to the neck for an internet connection and just the thought of it--P150 for an hour internet access--still chokes me.

You can't blame me for this rant because in Davao City, one can have an overflowing access to the intenet--for FREE--say, after you order a two-piece chocolate-glaced maruya worth P25, exactly the same amount you pay when you go to an internet cafe (sans the coffee) with a slow-mo internet speed in PP.

Wifi connections are also for free in certain shops at NCCC mall here. One can even enjoy the connection while eating at its spacious bright yellow-colored food court. There's also an NCCC in PP but I doubt if it is "internetly-connected" to, say, itself.

Reason for this rant? Because while in PP, I was not supposed to lose connection with my boss in Davao. I had at least two deliverables and because of the obvious, I only delivered half of it.

Rant number two. Asturias is a clueless, insensitive hotel. While the rooms are spacious and the aesthetics are fine--you will adore the Spanish-themed pool area--the food sucks.

Imagine hotel guests (who are in a conference) eating lugaw for the morning meryenda. Imagine the same hotel guests eating lugaw for the afternoon meryenda, only this time the lugaw is served with corn kernels.

Or, imagine a leche flan so bland it tastes worse than a maja blanca--only that leche flan is carameley.

But yeah, other than that, hotel service is excellent--thanks to their polite and friendly staff.


I am blogging from Palawan. Actually, it's a pain blogging from Palawan. Will blog later all!