In Davao now.

For one week while in Puerto Princesa, I was deprived of the luxury of the internet. The Asturias Hotel was charging high up to the neck for an internet connection and just the thought of it--P150 for an hour internet access--still chokes me.

You can't blame me for this rant because in Davao City, one can have an overflowing access to the intenet--for FREE--say, after you order a two-piece chocolate-glaced maruya worth P25, exactly the same amount you pay when you go to an internet cafe (sans the coffee) with a slow-mo internet speed in PP.

Wifi connections are also for free in certain shops at NCCC mall here. One can even enjoy the connection while eating at its spacious bright yellow-colored food court. There's also an NCCC in PP but I doubt if it is "internetly-connected" to, say, itself.

Reason for this rant? Because while in PP, I was not supposed to lose connection with my boss in Davao. I had at least two deliverables and because of the obvious, I only delivered half of it.

Rant number two. Asturias is a clueless, insensitive hotel. While the rooms are spacious and the aesthetics are fine--you will adore the Spanish-themed pool area--the food sucks.

Imagine hotel guests (who are in a conference) eating lugaw for the morning meryenda. Imagine the same hotel guests eating lugaw for the afternoon meryenda, only this time the lugaw is served with corn kernels.

Or, imagine a leche flan so bland it tastes worse than a maja blanca--only that leche flan is carameley.

But yeah, other than that, hotel service is excellent--thanks to their polite and friendly staff.


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

polite? friendly? may duda ako. mukhang nahada mo ang bellboy

Kiks said...

Welcome back to Davao. The hotel looks nice from the picture and I would assume the person in the picture is either you or a friend of yours. It couldn't be any of the hotel staff, otherwise I would guess they would have been awfully-extra nice!

Hindi ba talaga masarap ang lugaw na me corn kernels?

bananas said...

mandaya naman, hindi no. malinis na hanapbuhay ang pinunta ko sa PP. hindi ako nagbenta don ng aking katawan.

kiks, ako yang nasa petyor. yong lugaw? ewe! hindi talaga masarap. parang tanga na food. bakit, favorite mo?

Lyka Bergen said...

Babae ka pala? Gagah kah! Akala ko naman machong bading kah! Congratulations!

bananas said...

lyka, gaga!

tirahin kita dyan eh. lol

The Guy in Red Sneakers said...

love the "parang tanga na food" descrip.

wala bang 7-11 man lang..?

tin-tin said...

puro lugaw? hehehe.

when i went to davao two years ago, sobrang nagulat ako. kse halos everywhere may free wifi. taolo manila. kse manila noon, super selected spots and may bayad pa.

ang nice picture ha :)

Lyka Bergen said...

Nagalit kaagad ang bruha... tirahan tayo dali!

Any given madness said...

lugaw na may corn kernels? the mere thought makes me retch. the hotel looks good though. was the food part of your pay? i was thinking you should have eaten outside