I thought she sounded throaty as she was singing Here With Me. There was no hint of effort. Just a throaty rendetion but really moving. So like a trance.

Well, I was moved. I felt like I was in a trance and could not go back. I felt different. So different that I felt something--a feeling so familiar I realized it was exactly what I was feeling everytime I want to get hitched.

Her words were flowing gracefully leaving you speechless. She's got them all. Nothing is left for you for say. Strange because I could not understand the words. Not a single word.

Her voice rose as she succumb to her emotions.
She's gasping.
I was choking.

I hate her.
I will kill her.


Anonymous said...

mareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! susme namiss kita! heniway, wasnt able to watch the video. (if there's a video) i'll be there on 22-24.

tin-tin said...

i'm sure that's not me coz i don't sing that song. hehe ;p