Kalai was telling me about how he felt sluggish the past few days. He told me about this as he pathetically tried to widen his drooping eyes, as if to convince me to drop my preoccupation over something other than his story. The only thing that kept him busy the past days, he said, was sleep. Sure he was lying. He has been reading books--lots of it. And movies, too.

Last night, few minutes before he told me he's going to sleep early again, he had a conversation with Bridget Jones. And he recounted this conversation to me--how Bridget thinks about things almost exactly how one does in his lonesome, for instance, while walking--while we were walking.

What he really wanted to tell me, I know, was that he was Bridget Jones. And that I was trudging that desolate road with Bridget Jones. That he was not a slug despite feeling sluggish afterall.

I gave that to him, though. Got no problem with that. He's a friend, you know.

This Kalai is leaving few days from now. He's taking a break and I hope he makes it really big time there. I owe a lot of things to this Kalai--really lots of it.

This one here Kalai introduced to me. Thanks for making me fall for Ste. Hope you meet my Ste there. Warm regards...


chase / chubz said...

naiyak ako sa clip na to..
they look so cute.

jericho said...

it is a good film. i've seen it before but i'm not sure now where my copy is. the dance scene at the end was incredibly sweet and romantic.

bananas said...

chase, langga, both of them are good looking, especially si ste. huhuhuhuh

jericho, true. ganda ng film na ito. perfect kaay.

Kiks said...

mas maraming napapanood si jericho kesa sa akin. kasi download sya ng download. inggit tuloy me.

on kalai: it's good to be bridget jones sometimes. i guess it may be better than feeling grace kelly.