heath ledger

goodbye my lover
but thank you, anyway
for allowing us to witness you;
touch your naked life
as you touched ours...
and as you smile,
and raise a thumb
a disgruntled soul
smiles back
and raises a thumb, too...

that you will be ok there
is spoken by that smile,
much more spoken by that raised thumb
than a shattered picture
that hanged on your wall
the one that constantly reminded a disgruntled soul
that it's ok
no matter what...
and how...

but the pills said it's today
only today...


Bryan Anthony the First said...

28 lang pala sya noh

condolences my dear

Kiks said...

kung namatay siguro ako noong 28 ako, iintayin ko na lang sa nirvana bathhouse ang heath na ito.

pero... me straight kayang nalungkot sa pagkamatay nya? dahil pag meron,

bakla sya!

tin-tin said...

really sad and shocking news :(