I always bump around Tiara, the editor-in-chief of University of the Philippines-Mindanao's Himati, everytime I visit Coffee Spot, the sanest place along the constantly-frenzied-mode Claveria St. of Davao.

The frequent encounter with her at Coffee Spot makes me think--ok, the girl is part of the whole package. Like, she's no different from the cakes and the pastries inside the brightly-lit showcase. It's like she's owned the place and it owned her already. One day, I was tempted to ask her--"are you a stockholder?"

But like me, the girl only wants to enjoy the offerings of Coffee Spot: free, as in generously overflowing, internet connection that hits the very-good-to-excellent mark, a smokers' den that is still reached by the piped-in music, and the, err....ok coffee.

It's always writing and journalism that unites the two of us. As a mainstream practicing journalist, I have had the chance to share with her and her group some inputs about, err...journalism (what else?). I usually do the talking during these sessions, no matter how I encourage a very animated exchanges.

Recently, though, things took another shape between us as I found her lecturing on me a matter that sounded sooooo mathematics to me--blogvertise.

Listening to talk about figures gave me the chill. I felt like I'm once again standing small, face to face, with my highschool algebra teacher. She's the charming the version, though.

"It's easy."

"Yeah, right."

"Really. Believe me...imagine me and my brother are into it."


"I'm earning at least 300 dollars a month...Pearl is earning more that than. And my brother is earning as much as I earn too. And Pearl's sister earns this much, too...and Pearl is planning to quitting this job to concentrate on this..."


"Look, one day I went to the mall with my brother and we splurged. You know, we can now afford to splurge---together!"

"What's it called again?"


So I found myself turning on my lappy, wrote blogvertise and punched the enter key.


Kiks said...

I guess this vertise thing never really interested me. Except when you showed those nice shirt slogans and a friend suggested we do the same.

I came to blogger to blog. Not to earn money. I guess it never really was a thing I ever considered.

Did you?

Anonymous said...

haha. yeah. i always wondered about that. I tried several times to wean away from coffeespot, to no avail. :)

as for blog monetizing...well like it or not it's an accepted form of making money. a fringe benefit or a full time job--it depends on the blogger. :)

jericho said...

Kung sakali mang ituloy mo at magtagumpay ka... balato ha! ;)