There appears to be an intense techwar, particularly in telecommunications, in the UK today that might interest the monarchy or the hotties called William and Harry and their not-so-hottie girls. Sorry, I’m bitter. The clash has now, as expected, been brought to the battlefield of no-monthly fees, cheap tariff and charges, dependable line quality, and attractive line of services.

Leading the fight now is TalkTalk that offers free broadband and free calls to local, national and international landline phones. Had this been offered many years ago, I surely would have enjoyed much more the long talks I had with my ex who based in London. She would have certainly saved her pounds had she availed of this. Hahaha…

Another London-based TalkTalk user friend, in a chat, told me that the best advantage of the service is on the cheaper-and-better-than-BT department. This I will still have to find out, though. And will only find out if she starts calling my landline through TalkTalk.