How must one celebrate freedom when poorness is looming?

I am kind of ecstatic about some significant changes happening to me in the next few days. I have finally decided to flirt with my self-made feeling of fatigue over NGO works to give way to poorness by devoting most of my time on the thing that I love the most--something that I am afraid will not even be enough for me to pay for my bills or will allow me to treat the self out to a movie.

Yes I am a little worried because there's not much money in the local media compared to the their counterparts in Manila, and I am of course suggesting that in media--and the difference is always elaborate--the struggle of the lower class is a reality although it is not necessarily the same as the struggle of the poor against those who are up there in the social triangle as being fought by the countless Aling Mamengs against the residents of the Palace and their elite friends.

I am a little worried because I am working in a system known for being unfriendly to those who cannot deliver. Right now, I am starting to feel how it is like to be inside a pressure cooker and I am not even exaggerating. Not yet. The what-ifs are countless and the issue of survival is a booming voice that tries to distract and weaken the resolute self.

But let us see.

And while I am starting to problematize my own and other people's poorness--not that working in an NGO for three years unpoored me--allow me to devour on freedom first.


jericho said...

ay may bagong kabanata sa buhay nng bananas? angs erious naman nitong post na toh! hehe

Unknown said...

it doesn't matter naman kung poorness ka dyan pag masaya ka naman..

ngayon ko lang napansin, banana din pala ang tawag ko sa churva ko..peace..


El-ei said...

asa na diay ka karon ya? what kind of freedom is that? uban ko beh...

Unknown said...

sa bagong yugto ng buhay mo saging (tagalog ako eh)ay harinawang pagpalain ka ng kapalaran at maging maayos ang lahat para sa iyo.

mabalos (di ko alam ang meaning nito pero sinasabi ito ni Helen Vela so "it must be good")!

:) nanaynirashid