First off, I would like to apologize to you, friend, for pissing you off. As I have told you, the thought of it--I mean, me pissing off people--does not drown me in bliss.

That I am makulit is a congenital baggage. That you do not know about my being makulit speaks of one thing: we are not really friends. You can of course remember when I told you to stop calling me friend because we are not. Well, not yet. And perhaps we never will be. Not your loss, sure. Not mine, of course. No one else's.

And, yes. I am not about to blame you for calling me samok, no matter how offensive and irritating the word is to me. For I know, being makulit is irritating. And you told me you were being nice? Thank you.

And if there is something to sever, allow me to sever it. Then let's put on the bandage as if nothing happened. Then let's all sashay around as if we are, errr, beauty queens trying to redeem the lost crown to fresher queens. Or--former basketball players who have lost the, errr, balls following a lousy attempt to rebound.

And I say---good luck to all of us.


Well this day--Wednesday--is hell. Sitting in a meeting the whole day is hell. And thinking about how I woke you up smiling then quickly swept out by a hellish phone message is unspeakable.

Not three or seven sticks of Marlboro or three cups of lousy coffee can surely flush out the frown. But looking at my officemates not looking at me, probably because they knew I was sent by someone from hell, was a great relief.

An hour before the meeting closes, almost 6 peyem, I sent a friend a message telling him how the meeting was draining me off.

A couple of minutes after, he replied:

He: You sent the message to the wrong person? Well, why don't you leave and stop the discussion?

B: No. That's really for you. I really am tired.

He: What is is all about? Who are you talking with?

B: My officemates. NGO.

He: Leave then. Is it done?

B: No. Not yet.

He: What NGO? Rotary?

B: Rotary? No! It's an environmental NGO here in Davao. You ask Rolanda. He knows about my NGO.

He: Ay! Sorry! I thought I was talking to ______ . You have the same names. How can I be so stupid? I was thinking of him while I was texting you.

B: Ok. Let's stop this.

Kairita no?


Anonymous said...

Honestly, when I got your text, I was txting to another friend of mine the same name as you are. We were talking about some wedding that I should be attending, then the last message I got was he wanted to leave na, then suddenly your text message came, mine you, I was driving the whole time kaya I don't have time to look that closely in my phone...... there, that were exactly my text messages..... Pasensya... Not gonna happen again....

Kape Kanlaon\ said...

hahahahaha... you are both confusing.. i had a good laugh... hehehehhe

Kape Kanlaon\ said...

hahahahaha... you are both confusing.. i had a good laugh... hehehehhe