no one ken to ken to sivmen
nor yon clees to jon maliveh
when i guez ajo zavateh na nalechoo more
new yonooz tonigh molinigh
yon sorra shoo...
yez it shoooo...oooohhhhh...

ken lee, tulibu dibu doocho
ken lee...ken lee meju more

ken lee...tulibu dibu doocho
ken lee...ken lee meju more...

ken lee, anyone?


Winter said...

nawindang aketch.


chase / chubz said...

hahahaah.. english language daw oh. hahaha

Pestogirl said...

ala na bang mas lalakas pa jan. hehehe

Pestogirl said...

how the banana plantations poi!
you are my brother!!
you are my brother!!

chase / chubz said...

hahahahah... this clip is so funny..

Anonymous said...

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