Massive cheating and fraud, not to mention hundreds of deaths, yet again characterized the electoral process of the Philippines--cases that dangled the credibility of the country to protect the people against violence and raised questions on the sincerity of the politicians to protect the people.

Only in the Philippines, as one of the international observers pointed out, that politicians kill their rivals in their bid to serve the people.

It's only in the Philippines where one delusional boxing champion bets on politics perhaps thinking that the political arena is where fighting cocks tear-off each other's flesh.

It's only in this country, too, that a politician like Butch Pichay, someone described by militants as a rabid lapdog of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, desires to be in the senate--actually wanted to be "implanted" in the senate--the same chamber that he so wanted abolished before.

But enough with the rant for now.

After having been absent for weeks, sadly because of the elections and some election-related responsibilties, I finally had the time, actually more of the urge, to revisit Life In Between Bananasplit and write.

I have a lot of things in mind. I so wanted to share with those who have been pouring in their time to visit this page, a recent experience. Pero wag na muna ngayon---share ko na muna itong natisod ko sa youtube.

Enjoy mga magaganda. From the movie Summer Storm. Tapos ang song na ito ay kanta ni Vienna Teng (Pontchartrain)


Any given madness said...

ahhh.. politics. that's our topic of converstaion this past few weeks. thank god pacquiao didnt win... and gomez.

Lyka Bergen said...

I am liking Vienna Teng na ha! Austrian ba sya or Chinese? Ching!

tin-tin said...

sbe ko na naging busy ka sa elections eh. hehe ;p