Attended Teng's birthday last night. The party was really a blast--the booze was overflowing and the food was just perfect! Teng's a chef, too, aside from being a filmmaker.

Went there with housemate Jim. We were later joined by friends, one of them Sarah, Teng's cousin.

But I never thought that I would be revisiting something in my past that night. That I will keep to myself now. That particular past I have no regrets of having experienced because it taught me not be hooked on it and other things associated with it.

But I became kind of excited when it was showed to me by Teng's long time buddy.Excited because I thought I would get a part of it. But perhaps Teng's boy was too excited than I am that he brushed off my salivating over it. Yeah, he got it all by himself. Wondering what happened, I excused myself and looked for Teng's buddy only to find him on the floor. Asleep.

I asked.
He was answering in gibberish.
I bugged.
"Nandoon...ubos na...wala na...nandoon," he said.

And yeah, we had Madonna keep us company the entire night. Teng earlier told us how he became too emotional upon hearing Madonna's Borderline. Madonna? Borderline? Tearjerker?

"Kasi dahil sa kanta na yan na-realize ko na bakla pala ako," he said.

Now, sharing to you Borderline. Not Madonna's but Jody Watley's.


Tng Man said...

oh my gawd, i didn't know something happened like that.

everybody was just so...happy!

thanks for coming.

tin-tin said...

napaisip din ako kung pano naging tearjerker ang borderline. hehe ;p

Kiks said...
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Kiks said...

napakaganda nya - both the rendition and your entry.

it's like some music streaming happening at the background while i was reading your entry. sorta brings me to a combination of a gay man's nostalgia and a kid's yearning.

i like it when you string words, bananas. it doesn't sound like a bunch of bananas.

bananas said...

morofilm, sarap ng food, in fairness talaga. u were such a graceous hostess.

tin, ewan ko sa morofilm na yan. kaartehan. hahaha...

kiks, why can't i get into your blog? neways, thanks.

Kiks said...

hi b. i like the haikus. this comment does not fit in here but in the succeeding post.

as for the link to my blog, not sure why. all i know, everytime i log in there, walang kapararaang chinese characters ang tumatambad sa aking harapan. nakakaloka!

hi teng!

The Guy in Red Sneakers said...

love the version.

sorry, we do not know each other... but...