My ex for four years puffed Philip Morris. She inhaled the cancer smoke before I did. Having grown from a family of smokers, it was not too long for me to learn and live a smokers lifestyle.

Athan, on the other hand, is a non-smoker. He protests the fact that he's the one who lives a healthier life--no smoke, zero alcohol.

But back in College, I refused the persistent calls of the white smoke--out of modesty and sheer shame. While I failed pathetically in resisting alcohol, I stood firm that until I will be earning my own money--enough for me to afford to buy my own stick--I am not going to smoke.

And so I tried the long white stick. I loved the cool taste of the nicotine and loved it for more than a year until the menthol--perhaps the menthol (well, I am guessing)--left blisters on my lips and mouth, aside from the cough.

For awhile, I stopped smoking and it wasn't too long for me to find joy from sucking Marlboro White. Most of those in my circle also puff their vitamin from this brand that it sort of unifies us.

There are, however, a couple of them who treats the short white stick differently. And by differently, I mean just differently. Like, its weird.

The first one won't smoke her stick without dipping the filter's tip on a cold beer or water, or fruit juice or tea. I bet, in the absence of anything cold, she would settle dipping it on her own pee (god, i hope she won't read this).

The second one, I just encountered this morning. My housemate. As I opened the fridge, I found an opened pack of Marlboro inside. I didn't know that housemate smokes cold metholated zig. But perhaps he just slid the pack inside to, well, "preserve" the nicotine?

Having consumed my last stick, I grabbed the cold pack and took one. Lit it. Smoked. Went to the toilet. Puffed. Puffed. Smoked. Coughed. Puffed. My mouth tasted cold. My butt felt cold.



Lyka Bergen said...

Marlboro Lights is my brand of cig too. Apir!

You notice that it automatically lights out with a minute of you not puffing it? I thought my ashtray was damp at first but i learnt from a friend that they did this purposely to prevent fires from stupid smokers who dont put off there cigs when their done with their breathing treatment.

Hmmmm....... interesting davah?

isko b. doo said...

hmmn.. aren't piss supposed to be warm?

bananas said...

well, what about iced piss?

isko b. doo said...

ah ok... works for me. Toast to iced piss!

isko b. doo said...

ah ok... works for me! Toast to iced piss! hehe

Anonymous said...

ang weird naman nun. finifreeze ang nicotine. haha. :)

Anonymous said...

funny how I smoke one marlboro light. I confessed to my gf that I did. Pero after that, wala na..

cool.. swabe. lol

Any given madness said...

weird. i know someone could not get it done in the john if without a smoke. personally, i dont smoke. well, i have.. but you know, its not something i am "fond" of doing.

kendi 'ching said...

i had to jombag ryan when he confessed he smoked 3 sticks lately. at nagcomment dito ang guapo huh? sussss... every stick could kill thousands of cilia in your lungs. so i had to reprimand him. big time.