Woke up four minutes before the call time. Shanti, the retreat manager, could have been kidding us all when she said we needed to be up 30 minutes before the walk-like-an-angel-and-double-lighted-all-alone by the beach.

I usually wake up at 9:00 eyem. How can I possibly wake up hours earlier than that? I faced a challenge. And a struggle.

I miscalculated the event. I did not think it would be that demanding. When the boss said that the retreat would give us time for silence, I imagined sleep. Like getting a good, good sleep.

Because my toilet moment was erratic, I started the walk at past 6:15. Peeped out the closed window. There I saw Shanti walking slowly, almost like an angel, noiseless and so like a pregnant cat, with her white flowing garb--outside my cottage.

Fuck. I am busted.

But no. I am good at mimicry so I went to be as cat-like as she was. I managed to slip out of the cottage while she was heading to the function building, her back on me. Then I realized I was not only walking like a cat. I slithered. Unnoticed.

Shanti was amazing. I guess she had me. For at least 70 hours. Or maybe for long.

The day before, just as the sun was slowly being consumed by the red-orange sea, Shanti introduced to us the vices of the world. She said the vices make the world miserable and dark. And evil. And deadly.

And the vices she wrote--Greed. Attachment. Ego. Sexlust. Softly, she read what she has written and looked at me, rather inquisively, after she said "sexlust."


Was she aware about that thing I did before I climbed up the hall?


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! paranoia a retreat? that is a first, my dear. naku, just go through the works. kung gusto mo kareerin ang retreat, introspection ang drama. hugs and kisses!

& said...

"Was she aware about that thing I did before I climbed up the hall?"

WHAT the heck does this mean ha! hehe wala lang. :P just curious.

and oooh, retreats are... fun. pero boring kapag may madreng kasama tulad sa skool namin. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

haan ko nga natarusan..masyadong malalim..franz..

Unknown said...

haan ko nga matarusan.. masyadong malalim.hehe..franz

Anonymous said...

it was kind of funny that i had some sexual adventures during my retreat. That's why it wasnt so boring for me. hehehehe

Foto Man said...

fuck life ! that's just unbelievable .

* diday kampupot * said...

uh-oh! :) she must've smelled something fishy... literally. hehe. just kidding! :)

tin-tin said...

kse naman.. retreat siya hindi bakasyon. hahaha.

baka kilala ka na niya tlga. o baka naman nasa itsura mo tlga. hehe

kendi 'ching said...

malipayong pasko! pinaskuhan beh?