They who own the dust and befriend the urban mist
of deadly and black smog
who do not know the meaning of the word filth
with lives carved by nothing but nothingness

They rely on the pity of the heart
their skins hardened by the heartlessness of some.

Theirs are laughters that drown the roars
of angry jeepneys traversing claveria and San Pedro streets

They whose spirits speed off against the dead traffic lights
and washed out highway paints.

The rain and the sun are their children's playmates
and the rats and the roaches too



* diday kampupot * said...

despite these, they remain resilient. see that lady's smile? Ü

and sometimes we think we are the most problematic ppl in the world.

Adobobo said...

Wow. I really envy the work that you do. I wish I could be a journalist like you; if only I wasn't so lazy and anti-social.

By the way, can I interview you within this week? I'm supposed to write a feature article on any famous personality from the city for my Feature Writing class. Oh please, pretty please? Oh but it's totally fine by me if you're busy or something.

Adobobo said...

Oh's my e-mail address in case you need it to reply or anything:

Anonymous said...

bakit ka kaya pinupuntirya ni talamasca?

nakita ko kasi link mo sa kinayayamutan niya. ewan ko lang.

B said...

Breaking apathy.

A call for socio-civic awareness.

There should be more posts like these. ^^

Lyka Bergen said...

Do they have our problems ang worries too?

tin-tin said...

happiness is relative :)

ev said...

nice post!

Ekra Tan said...

Dyos ko They!!

Anonymous said...

Daghan kaayo street people sa Davao lalo na mga bajao, i dont give money sa kanila.