Because everything I see today is obscured by an imagined concrete haze, I am posting nothing but this...

In their lonesome
They were being murdered
By the lonely river

Their flesh ripped off by the hungry silence
Blood draining down the loose sands

They opened their mouths

No one was there to listen

But the sky
Which opened in tears
And dyed a floating canvass to red
Signalled that the end was drawing near

A process so painful and slow

And at the other side
The darkness grinned


Lyka Bergen said...

God bless them...kung zino...o ano man sila. Amen!

Anonymous said...

they were being murdered
by the river?

i suck at poetry.
i mean, not at poetry - of course.
i suck at interpretation! mismo.

well, the poem is full of grief, or loneliness. na parang may galit ka talaga.

on the other side,
the darkness grinned..

creepy ha! :)

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk,.... sad... musta ka naman?

kendi 'ching said...

*hands down for bananas*


Anonymous said...

oh hi there ^_^ hehe got a new post. hmm nauna ka lang nagtag ^_^ thanks for droppin by my blog! ^_^

Anonymous said...

now that is teh poem

Tani said...

it's a good picture. a poetry in itself.

Miki said...

you just gotta keep on knocking i guess. most of those on the other side would act only when disaster strikes. but we can't wait for dead bodies to show up, can we?

bananas said...

exactly, miks. in fact, the fight for the banning of aerial spraying here davao has been confronted by various snags, the biggest of them all was the mayor's seeming "change of heart".

after saying that he will stake his life and dignity to back the banning of aerial spraying, he suddenly asked for proof that indeed the practice is harmful to human health and the environment.

now the burden of proof lies on the complainants when it should have been the other way around.

i know that in the US, it is a federal offense to say that certain chemicals are safe for usage when it is not. in the philippines, corporate agents kept on mouthig lies.

and the more they drag the passage of the ordinance seeking a ban in aerial spraying, now anchored on precuationary principle, the more they cause for the people's slow death.

bless their souls.

Gayzha said...

it is just so shocking to know and not being able to do something about it because greed prevails! but thanks to people like you who continue the struggle for people's emancipation from oppression, depression, depravity, hunger, death, and hopelessness.

anj said...

hi. we hang a sign of no to aerial spraying in our office. and as much as possible our program officers advocate against mining and plantations, since it is in a way connected to caring for the IPs ancestral domain.

midsalip is in zamboanga del sur. their most famous mountain is pinukis.

migs, the manila gay guy said...

ay ang sexy ng advocacy mo lola. go go go! may your tribe increase!

* diday kampupot * said...

dark. cold.
i shivered.

hindi ako makata, pero nahusayan ako dahil kitang-kita ko ang imaheng gusto mong ipakita. pero masnahusayan ako sa prinsipyo, paniniwala at paninindigan mo. :)

naks, serious.

Miki said...

well... hindi lang naman kasi civil society groups ang nagla-lobby. i'm sure the mayor is also under pressure from lobbyists from the other side, heheh. it's big business. they will protect their interests at all costs

Any given madness said...

i like the socks though.

Anonymous said...

hay, naku. hindi na tayo nagkita. kahit binigay ko na ang number ko sa email mo...

Anonymous said...

hi banana


pinipilit kong intindihin yung poem mo kaya lang bopols ako sa english..hindi ko talaga alam ang ibig sabihin..hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Upon seeing the pic first time, I thought that he's a drag queen. Wait! Is it a he or a she? I'm confused!

I used to write poetry back when I was in high school, focusing on themes such as death, loneliness, depression, vampires, etc. Anything dark, in short.=D

aperire said...

thanks for the add! i've added you as well =)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

"the darkness grinned"

love the line

Anonymous said...

This is sad, really sad. But at least there are people like you who are so brave to voice this out in the open. Please keep on writing.

BTW, I like the socks, seemed like manoy was a Spiderman fan. :-)