Reports from home were both enraging and instructive.

Enraging because I can’t still appreciate the art of dying senselessly, much more if death is spawned by someone I have been expecting to protect me—someone whose mouth I feed because of the tax I pay to the government.

Enraging because I cannot imagine dying from the hands of a proud and loutish military personnel whose existence depended on the fact that he gets a share of my salary.

Enraging because I didn’t expect somebody I know would find death for the simple reason that he wanted to curb the horniness of a military personnel by defending his friends.

Anton’s penchant of being violent was always hidden by his bubbly character bizarrely twisted by his being soft-spoken. Among friends, he was always known as one of those who will buy a friend’s fight, always willing to gamble just to protect a friend.

This he was able to prove right until Sunday night when he was felled to the ground by a military personnel’s gun who earlier wanted to “table” Ayee’s female cousin, Mutya, inside bar in Kidapawan City.

Like her gay cousin who has won several gay beauty contests, Mutya was also charming and beautiful. Their family belongs to one of the old rich clans in Kidapawan City.

Initial reports had it that the suspect also grabbed Ayee’s butt. The boorish character of the military personnel irked Anton who, with Ayee and Mutya, ganged up the military personnel until the latter was pinned down.

Because he could not contain the shame of being a loser, the military personnel fired his gun hitting Anton. Killing Anton.

Another gay friend, Rolly, described what happened very clearly in the vernacular—Mao nay kaso sa crime of pride. Army gikulata ug bayot, natandog ang pride…gipusil ang bayot.

But the report was also instructive. For one, it tells me to anticipate the possibility that, like Anton, I can also be killed by a military official whose family, the Filipinos feed.

And that it can be soon.

Anton’s death was instructive because it tells me to appreciate the darkness of irony.


tin-tin said...

that's sad. and really nakakainis. what happened to the military?

Anonymous said...

I know Anton, he's my classmate...

Tng Man said...

You posted a comment on my blog wanting me to link you. I don't link anonymous bloggers but if this is Jepoi, why not? Kaw ba ni yot?

meganhahaha said...

I also know someone who was gunned down by a military person nung June lang.

Hay, ewan.

atticus said...

maraming nakakagalit talaga sa mga panahon na ito. just tonight, ihinarang ko iyong kotse ko sa harap ng bus na muntik na akong banggain kasi naghahabulan sila ng isa pang bus.

these days, i am a walking fury.

bananas said...

@tin: what happened was more than sad. As I have said it was both enraging and instructive.

I don't know what has happened to the military man. I would like to think that he is at large. Well, I could be pathetically cynical about how the justice system in this country works.

I waiving both my hands in the air, love.

@anon: thanks for dropping by and taking time to read. I bet u also have a good memory of Anton. What do u know about him, sweetie?

@megan: Damn the military's rotten eggs. They can't even serve their purpose well. Fuck the rotten eggs.

@morofilm: yeah, teng, ako si jepoi. nagkunyare akong hindi ako si jepoi.

@atticus: ang dami na nating maraming galit sa mga bweset na iresponsableng ewan.

mga punyetang walanfg magawa sa buhay kundi ang manlamang at manakit ng kapwa. Kung gusto lang naman palang magpatentero, naging bus drivers pa. Punyeta!

Anonymous said...

i x-link u na... found haging dead..

Anonymous said...

what happened to your friend is sad. power, in any form, can tempt other people to use it on others to the point of abuse. i just pray you won't generalize. i still know of a few good men in the philippine military. they are honest citizens who are also disillusioned with what they see around them, but they're still there because they want to serve. and being a military does provide them with a lot of long-term benefits they wouldn't find in any other job. such benefits include pention and health priviledges. so don't generalize. what happened to your friend is tragic. but remember, you also see abuse of power in any profession... corporate world, etc. in my case, i've seen a lot of those in the hospitals i work at.

_ice_ said...

hi there, tnx for the comment... add kita ha.. ok lng?

Mira Oracle said...

tragic. i am sorry to hear that.

Lyka Bergen said...

Are military men allowed to carry guns during off duty? Very very bad.

bananas said...

@tani: Thanks for reminding me, sweet. I also have friends in the military who are, yeah, good. But the call of time is not just to sulk in disillusionment...we are supposed to be rational beings who can actually do more than that. Time calls for change.

I'm stopping here before i can spill some incriminating statements :0

As miss evangelista put it in yesterday's (Sunday) inquirer--May God protect us from our protectors.

@ice: no problem man. Thanks. adding u up too.

@mira oracle: Thanks, sister. Indeed tragic.

@Lyka: kapatid, i would like to think that they're not supposed to be allowed to strut around with their pistols when they're off-duty and when they're horny and drowning in beer in some public places.

Well, the latter i am so sure about.

potpot said...

wah.. nkakainis naman ian.. genian n b kalala ang kalagayan jan??? hmmm

bananas said...

@potpot: ang kalagayan dito ay repleksyon lamang sa kalagayan ng bansa at alinmang panig ng mundo.

Hindi ito kaiba sa nangyayari sa cebu, sa laguna, baguio, manila, quezon city, japan, new york, kiev at kung saan saan pa.

walang ligtas na lugar para sa ating lahat.

JO said...

what a sad story. i hope justice will prevail on the death of Anton.

just blog hopping from Tani.