Perhaps, cream.
Is cream a color?
I don’t know.
But it looks like the color of a cream.
Nestle cream.
Fuck! Nestle products are great but the company is oppressive.
Imagine different colors of labor and other kinds of abuses.
Put colors to everything.
Pink for child labor.
Yellow for lack of benefits and privileges.
Black of the sweatshops.
Purple for underpayment.
Cream for environmental destruction.
Black for deception.
Purple for the abs of Tweety de Leon.
Black for Twitty de Leon.
Black for Nescafe.
Black for the boycott of Nescafe.
Black for the boycott of all Nestle products.
Cream for Coffeemate.
Cream for Bear Brand.
Cream for Nido.
Cream for Nestle Cream.
Maggi is yellow.
Black is the color of poor working condition in Nestle plants all over the world
Purple for the discrimination against women
Purple for the lack of protective gears and safety clothing in sweatshops
Yellow for the Nestle’s 50 percent ownership of L’Oreal, which according to PeTA implements an animal testing policy.
Cream for Nestle’s breach of the 1981 World Health Organization’s Code Regulating the marketing of breast milk substitutes and for the company’s continued promotion of bottle feeding.

The cathartic pile of my floppies.


tin-tin said...

why so mad with nestle?

it's just funny that am reading this at this time. hehehe ;p

Anonymous said...

mukhang mainit ang ulo mo, gurl... hahahahahaha! pero i like your passion for your principles ha...

sabi nga ng isang pax sa training ko: KEEF IT UF! (tambling ako bakla)

Anonymous said...

Pink for the color of the third population.

Green for environment.

Black for the oil spill in Guimaras.

Black and yellow for the color of UST! Woohoo!

Haha. Nice.. err... colors. :)

Exchange links? :P

bananas said...

@tin: enumerated the reasons why i am fuming mad. Sad thing is, my housemates drank nestle coffee this morning.

In my face.

@jerome: Uminit na ang ulo while i was staring at the pile of floppy disks in front of me and realizing the realities hidden behind their different colors.

@jhed: So many colors. So many meanings.

Black for the killings of journalists and peasant leaders and militants.

Orange for rage.

yeah, exchange links.

ikotoki said...

howd you find my blog? =)

bananas said...

@balbahutog: was bloghopping and then, that was it.

Anonymous said...

Ewan ko nakalimutan ko na yung nestle..

Selecta kasi kinakain ko eh

Anonymous said...

nakalimutan ko na yung lasa nang nestle..

Selecta kasi kinakain namin eh.

siguro nga totoo kasi,diba sa commercial parang "mahalin niyo ang nestle" yung message na sinasabi

Anonymous said...

nakalimutan ko na yung lasa nang nestle..

Selecta kasi kinakain namin eh.

siguro nga totoo kasi,diba sa commercial parang "mahalin niyo ang nestle" yung message na sinasabi..

inadd kita sa mga links ko add me din ha

bananas said...

@blacksoul, tangina...di ako maalam sa technology kaya hindi ko alam kung paano kita mahahanap uli. naka-"black" kasi ang nick mo.

Sorry. Eng-eng ako sa ganito eh. Ano na nga url mo?

neways, salamat sa pagdaan at pagadd.

hindi rin naman masarap ang selecta blacksoul. Kung lasa ang pag-uusapan, mas masarap pa rin ang magnolia.

O yong ice candy ni aleng choleng.

bananas said...

@Blacksoul: nakita na rin kita...hahaha. sya...sya...add na kita.

Lyka Bergen said...

RED for STOP! Ching!

Paul Xymon Garcia said...

uy. salamat sa tag sa blog ko. though i won't take full credit for the layout. imitation ko lang yun ng isang layout na nakita ko dito:

iyan. iyang mga yan ang "magaling." mediocre pa ako. hehe.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

what then is the color for sex?



& said...

are you mad with nestle?

nice post. kakaiba. :) yeah.

dumaan lang ako.

xchange links? :P

_ice_ said...

just dropping by to say THANK YOU... na add na kita...

bananas said...

@lyka: and green for go, teh.

@kios: just the same kinaiinggitan pa rin kita. Kung mediocre ka, saan na lang ako pupulutin nito?

@bryan: purple and pink siguro ang pwedeng color ng sex. purple kasi ang labia ng girls turns purple pag nag-oorgasm na sila. Pink naman para sa dickhead ng lalaki.

Actually, pwedeng sankatutak na colors ang pedeng kumatawan sa sex.

@Utakgago: sure...sure. thanks sa pagdaan.

@_ice_: walay problema ice. ayu-ayu kanunay.

Anonymous said...

mind if i ask how you knew about the work conditions in nestle?

bananas said...

@tani: do i mind it? not at all. Thanks for asking.

well, the oppression behind the walls of nestle production sites is a common knowledge among militants and the journalists who covers them (militant organizations).

Ask you militant neighbor. your former militant classmate. Or perhaps the people you know who are working for nestle.

All these are not new. Stories are not only exclusive in the philippines. Oppressions are happening all over the world. They're in the papers and in the net.

Again, thanks for asking tani.

This entry was not actually about Nestle initially. I was simply enumerating, if it's the correct term, the colors of my floppy disks.

Upon reaching the color white, err...cream, it just came out. Kaya yon...

denib josette said...

waw. nestle hater. wakokok!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

add narin kita!

garytarugo said...

green is for mint.

yellow is for banana.

orange is for orange.


kendi 'ching said...

too much rage on nestle products eh?

nwei, link on. sowi for this late reply...

Anonymous said...

oh neslay and l'Ohreal... I see you everywhere here in my lil corner of the world.

I like your raging rainbow, Banz! You have such a way with words. But please don't kill me, ok?

Anonymous said...

thanks for droppin by my blog, although clearer identification will be appreciated. "bananas" can be misleading and inadequate a description.

nice entry about nestle, though. mixin' creative writing with social commentary with a hint of journalism.

keep rockin