There's a reason why coffee tastes bitter that not even too much sugaring can possibly weaken--both the reason and the taste. Like this one that lingers in my mouth as I am writing this--the mystery of which remains unclear--I am in the dark about a lot of things recently.

I may appear confusing more than how this post is but nevermind. Like coffee, life can be bitter. And dark. Or creamy or sweet. And like life, coffee are sometimes bland. And yes, nevermind because anyway, there's poetry in coffee as there is to life, no matter how sad or tragic or tragically mundane it is. And there's poetry in bitterness. In darkness. In confusion. In reasons. And failing to find reasons. Or appreciating those that you have found.

And there's mystery in poetry as there is poetry in mystery.


Kiks said...

ang lalem at 2PM.

parang bottomless coffee na hindi ko bibilhin.

kahit pa sa kapihan ng isang kasama sa awstrelya.

Maki said...

awww. sana parati na lang akong bangag sa kape, para makaagsulat ng ganito. :)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

such a mystery over a coffee...poetry anyone?



Nikkiboy said...

ni-transcend ang mga coffee all of the sudden...