Something is really depressing about sadness. I seldom get sad. I am often depressed. Recently, however, I have been swallowed by this old feeling of sadness. Not really constantly. But close. Almost. And, over just anything.

The moon.
The new moon.
The full moon four nights ago.
The rain yesterday.
The sun today.
The overcast today.
The neighbor's radio this morning.
The news.
Les Miserables.
The letter I wrote.
My expecting of a text message.
The text message that I did not get.
The text message that I got.
The pine trees at Agusan del Sur.
The dried up river of Compostela Valley.
Space Burger's cheeseburger
The fries...
And the mustard...
My yellow shirt.
My cellphone; the refusing keypad.
My lover.
My former lover.
The lover that I almost had.
The lover that I will never have.
The lover that I will never become.
His stare.
And the smile...
Actually, it was a grin.

and more.


Anonymous said...

...igat kang bayuta ka! hahahaha...
- jeremy

Lyka Bergen said...

The Grin
The Green Effect
The Happening
Good Luck!