According to Greenpeace Southeast Asia, the following products, sold in the Philippines, are packed--as in packed--with genetically modified organisms or GMO.

1. Nestle Cerelac Wheat Infant Cereal with Milk
2. Hong Chi Foods Yung Ho Soybean Drink
3. Nestle Nesvita Natural Cereal Drink
4. Pokka Soya Bean Drink
5. Abbott Ensure Complete, Balanced Nurtition Vanilla Flavor
6. Kellogg's Chocos Chex
7. Pilmico-Mauri Farina Quick Cooking Hot Oil Wheat Cereal
8. Isomil Soy Infant Formula
9. Wyeth Nursoy Milk-Free formula for infants and children
10. Shoemart Bonus Vienna Franks
11. Swift Rica Protina Hordog
12. Swift Meat Loaf Embotido Style
13. Swift Cheesy Hotdogs
14. Holiday Corned Beef
15. Purefood Hormel Vienna Sausage
16. Purefood Chorizo Bilbao Style
17. Purefood Chicken Nuggets Classic with Honey Barbecue Sauce
18. Purefood Beefies Hotdog
19. Gusto Sausage
20. Purefoods Liver Spread
21. Campo Carne Chicken Vienna Sausage
22. Campo Carne Chinese Luncheon Meat
23. San Miguel Campo Carne Chicken Hotdog
24. San Miguel Campo Carne Moby Hotdog
25. Magnolia Chicken Chunks in Brine
26. Foodsphere CDO Corned Beef
27. JAKA Quality Foods Budget Franks
28. Quality Foods Big 'n Tastee Hotdogs
29. Argentina Corned Beef
30. Argentina Beef Loaf
31. CDO Carne Norte Pinoy Style Guisado
32. Foodmart Enterprise Kani Kizami Age Crab Cake
33. Nestle Maggi Cup Sarap Chicken Arroz Caldo
34. Zesto Corporation Quick Chow Instant Pancit Palabok
35. Doritos Smokey Red Barebecue
36. Universal Robina Jack 'n Jill Tortilllas smoky Barbecue Flavored Tortilla Chips
37. General Milling Granny Goose Kornets Natural Flavor
38. General Milling Granny Goose Tortillos
39. Granny Goose Tortillos Chili Flavor
40. Granny Goose Kornet Barbecue Flavor
41. Bocaditos Tortilla Chips Shaslik Flavor
42. Knorr Cream of Corn Soup
43. Knorr Crab and Corn Real Chinese Soup
44. Campbell's Condensed Soup Chicken with Rice
45. Prime Corn Starch
46. Food Fair Quality Cornstarch
47. Nestle Butterfinger time to scour the food cabinet and the ref. Go!


Lyka Bergen said...

Anovayan? Wala na akong makakaing breakfast bukas! Ching!

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

kaya pala masarap. NYARAP!

mikel said...

good thing i do not eat any of those listed. hurray!
if we are what we eat, then isa akong native na damo. haha :)

chase / chubz said...

what will happen ba if we eat GMO's?
do we grow another appendage?
but anyhow, thanks for the info langga.
i'll check my cabinet later.

Kiks said...

kaya pala sarap na sarap ako sa argentina corned beef... lech!

buti na lang, walang Purefoods TJ at San Mig Light.

p.s. me nilalabas na ring pagkain ang Shoemart?