I just made a huge, huge decision over my smoking. I have been smoking for the last eight years and recently, something has been consistently nagging me to quit. Yes, I'm quitting as I felt the urge to impose upon myself to drastically turn the back from the white-filtered sticks that have been giving the saliva the flavor of cancer.

I am confident that I can forget about Marlboro Lights' intimate moments of both happiness and frustrations with me easily, the way I threw into the waste bin my orgasmic encounters--happy and frustrating, too--with Philip Morris.

Now, I declare, I am done with Marlboro Lights. I am tired of Marlboro Lights. I am breaking up with Marlboro Lights. I need a comfortable space, away from Marlboro Lights. Yes, Marlboro Lights is THE spent. I no longer love Marlboro Lights, you know...

But listen to this, I'm beginning to like Marlboro Light's older but stronger brother. Actually, I starting to really like Marlboro. He is much stronger and everytime we kiss? Wow! Marlboro, with his red head, surprisingly turns me on as he is a sight to behold. He challenges my tongue--actually entices my piece of meat to strip off as he thrusts dip into the mouth while at the other end he burns down slowly, spewing a glorious white film of smoke.

Sigh...I am so into him that I don't mind dying in his arms.


Kiks said...

enjoy the love of mar.

but soon enough, we have to give him up for something real.

something that will not give us cancer.

but not another heartache?

jericho said...

i never knew smoking can be made poetic, romantic and erotic. now i can't look at another stick the same way again.

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha...we are actually on the same position right now.

i am actually on my third day of the process in quitting...

i set myself only four sticks for this day until i eventually stop it!

goodluck for the both of us!

Anonymous said...

wtf... it's even worst!

duha ka bulan na ko walay smoke.. :)

chase / chubz said...

ayy. i thought mag quit ka na sa smoking.. hindi pala.. heheh..
take it slow langga ha..