The House has now a new boss. A big boss. Bigger than the old one. The new boss has a checkered political history. He was a former human rights lawyer. Critics would rather see the word former in bold letters. And all caps. Why, because they say he is a lapdog now. The new boss made his way after, her critics say, the mother opened the door for him and forced the former boss outside.

Then, slammed it on his face.

You see, the closeness of the former boss to her was unquestionable. He was there for her as the new boss was always beside her. You see, he was there when she was being forced to vacate her own house. She did not budge. Thanks to him--the new boss--and to him who will now I call The Spent. Both the new boss and The Spent were instrumental in making her, along with the minions of her guards. This made her really invincible. They made him invincible. All of them who were called as her rabid supporters.

You see, it's a two-way-street for the mother and her rabid supporters, critics say. Or more than a two-way-street, in fact as their rabidness funelled more power to her, enough for her eclipse their rabidity.

Whatever happens next will definitely dictate, more or less if not curbed, the fate of the children.

Here lies. Whatever lies mean.