For how many times I have almost fallen into decadence without even knowing it that you were the force that stopped me from the internal demise? I blame the self for missing the details; I would have been writing a different story now. For how I failed to notice your beautiful pout as you scoured the litters on the floor this morning, in search for the missing keys? Well, I noticed it but only now that I realized how you've been pouting those lips whenever you need my help--I, whose functionality is put to hold until nine in the morning.

This one is never too late, though. After nine hours, I can clearly recall how you tried to wake me up as you told me about your fears while you were putting on that khaki pants. Last night, you also told me about the examinations that you so scared to take but always end up topping. Remember last year? Did you not take the finals while burning with fever but ended up being on top of the list? I have always been proud of you. I can never be prouder.

And btw, let me tell you about how you really made me happy six hours before eight eyem today--the time when we were talking in whispers, afraid that we might disturb housemate and Maya who were already asleep.

Lest you’ve lost recollection of it, you stopped me from going to the toilet for a moment and I, totally unused to having almost muted conversations with you, had to get closer to you to hear whatever was that that you had to say, only to hear:

“Ing-ania imong buhok… ipadaplin…aron pareho sa mga Koreana…(You keep your hair like this…put this part on the side so it may look like a Koreana’s).”


Kiks said...

let's get


chase / chubz said...


the small things make us smile

david santos said...

I cam you visit you desire good week you.
Every day assassinated children die.
We must look at we will be our children.
Until always

mikel said...

again again...


still, awwww...

sweet. :)


The piece is haunting and I am beginning to form a picture of what it is all about.

But then... me and my dirty mind.

I like the background music.