Tomorrow, Friday, is a red day for Filipinos who care for what is happening in Burma; those who feel for the monks, the men and women and children who went out to the street to demand justice and freedom from the despotic Burmese government. Red is for rage against the oppressors. Red is for freedom...

(NOTE: Please feel free to copy, if u want to post it in your own page, the don't even need to credit me for that. I swear I won't mind)


Chris said...

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Regards, Chris
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engz said...

i'll wear read tom.i care, that's why.thanks for the info.Godbless

chase / chubz said...

down with the military junta!!

Athens said...

i grabbed your masterpiece in my blog jep..

cant wear red due to school, but RH is still red right hahahaha

were were you while we were getting drunk?

Kiks said...

ganda! aylabet!

what program are you using? and how the hell can you come up with that wondrousness?

proud fellow photoshopper. proud fellow freedom fighter.

mikel said...

huli nako ng basa. :(
sana matapos na ang gulo sa burma. btw, ano ba political leaning ng mga leaders dun?

pat said...

so there's been a burma/monk craze last week?

this makes for a nice desktop. thanks

Anonymous said...


Just informing you, due courtesy na rin, that i used your graphics on my entry and as my desktop background.

Hope free burma now!


Anonymous said...


did you render the image?

my, your photoshop-ing skills are exceeding my expectations.

you're giving me a run for my money. remind me next to not share notes with you.

miss you. just got back from manila.