I am not really a masochist but my tolerance to pain is so up there I can stand a two-hour long agonizing dental torture where my jaws are forced-open--like I am giving a two-hour straight blow job and while a gingiva surgery is taking place, almost without anaesthesia.

What I cannot stand is this one. Everytime I hear this one, I mean, everytime I hear her, it's like I am being ripped open while still conscious. She sounds so annoying. Of course that's an understatement because I am nice.

What she reminds me of?

The chipmunks we only enjoy and remember during Christmas, only that she is a battery operated squirrel--a lowbat squirrel and close to hanging. You know, that thing they refer to malfunctioning cellphones and computers.


And so here she is:

And another one:


ikotoki said...

dropped by

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Anonymous said...

agree jud ko nimo day! kalami ba luukon ning bayhana oy!

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