Dear Michelle Fabunan,

Gurl, smile ka naman dyan!

Please don't slash your wrist or jump off a building. Don't you choose to die ugly, love. And, don't you die now. It's just a bad choice. I mean, the thesis. I know you are a smart girl and that you can actually do it.

You just have to think and relearn to think, had you not been thinking lately. And try using that thing up in your head.

Siguro naman hindi ka magbibigti noh just because chinaka-chaka ka dito sa blog ko at ng mga sumagot sa iyong mail.

Katuwaan lang naman 'ning.

Pero, you almost made me cry. I mean, your comment was a classic tear-jerker I had the feeling that I was reading a Nora Aunor line or something to that effect (ano ba itong sinasabi ko?).

(Para sa inyong lahat, ang mga ito ang comment ni Michelle)

Anonymous said...
thank you po sa mga criticisms nyo (ambisyosa, wise, katarantaduhan). sorry kung nagpost pa ako ng ganyang klaseng queries. i thought makakatulong lang sa akin, makakasama pa pala. sorry po sa inyong mga nakabasa. i'll not take this against you guys, masakit pero naiintindihan ko naman kung bakit ganyan mga comments nyo.
5:52 AM

Anonymous said...
to the owner of this blogsite and sa mga friends nya, even those who have read the queries...i'm really really sorry po sa katangahan ko, napahiya po talaga ako sa ginawa ko. sabihin nyo na pong desperada ako, tatanggapin ko po lahat ng criticisms nyo. truth hurts naman po eh. pasensya na po talaga.
6:34 AM

Oh, dear. Hayaan mo na. Ako, naman ay istupid din most of the time. But when I did my thesis, I made sure I was doing the best. The time that I proposed the study, I was thinking that I will be employed by the company which was the subject of my thesis (well, not entirely the subject. Part.'yon ang correct).

This leaves me into thinking that perhaps you were actually considering a job in MTV-Philippines, which according to the many, is already non-existent.

Well, you must be hot to become an MTV vj. At least, hot si KC. Si Mark Abaya naman ay kakaiba. Very native na pwedeng ikumpara kay ekra.Pero mukhang masarap si Mark. Mukhang exotic kasi. Exotic na parang iguana.

Sinong kamukha mo sa kanilang dalawa, Michelle?

Well, if you are reading this, keep your calm. Don't take this seriously but your thesis, gurl. The thesis, as I have said, is your ticket in getting a good job.



And, oh, PS pala. The following n were the comments I gathered from the group. Enjoy.

Troy Edison Yaw wrote:
Hi Michelle,

I'm afraid your question is no longer relevant. The aforementioned VJs no longer have their previous jobs (as VJs), as ABS-CBN has already bought-out MTV Phils. What they're currently showing now on the channel are MTV Asia (Singapore) programs, as part of the transition process before the new owner finally takes over around summer time or June this year.


marie cheriane flores wrote:
Hi Michelle,

Hi! Im Cheriane, Masscom grad from St.SCho Manila. As member of this group, I am sharing you what I learnt in school. I suggest you focus more on MTV-Asia (say its history, Advantages, Disadvantages and VJs) and discuss more of the usefuness of music channel in rather than the VJs. I think VJs are icons only.

Outlining the topics first po para organized ang thesis mo. Sana i helped you out.

Thank you.

Yours truly,
Ma. Cheriane Flores


Moro Karl Kristjan wrote:

Hi, Michelle!

I am a Faculty/Technical Writer at the Technological University of the Philippines. I am not here to make comments on which topic you should pursue.

I would like to point out though that your questions are not properly structured and violates a number of rules in question formation for research. I find most of the questions are double barrelled, suggestive and vague. If you intend to use any information you can gather from this activity of yours for simple class discussion purposes, then by all means, go for it. However, if this is for thesis as you claimed it to be, then consider reformulating your questions. In fact, you teacher should have advised you on this.



Lavyah Michelle. Friends na tayo ah!
Muwahhhh... c(@_@)a


Bryan Anthony the First said...

extra lang po ako sa entry na ito

babati nalang kay banana



Ekra Tan said...

Batukan ang Bananas at itabi sa comfort zone ang Michelle! (Comfort Women ang dating!)

Haliika dito ija....

P.S. You can do your thesis on Las Tres Estrellas, you know along the lines of genetic mutations... :)

Anonymous said...

thank you sa owner ng blogsite na ito. hindi naman ako magbibiti. pagbubutihin ko na lang po yung thesis ko. i don't have plans of being a vj.

Anonymous said...

na! mao na palaway man gud ka ... feeling-feelingan... hehehehe sige na ikaw na pinakahawd ... michelle ana man jud na xa , ako nga wala na xang nakitang tama sa ako , puro mali.. pero nakatabang to xa para mainprove akong singing career.. hehehe joke (kasabot ba xa bisaya) translate.. :D


Anonymous said...

bwahahahahaha! nabasa ko rin ang mga ito sa kung san-sang mga yahoogroup. wala lang. napatawa lang ako ng lubusan ng dalawang latest post sa blog na ito.

tin-tin said...

bait mo tlga. you really are helping her. sana lang alam nya yun :)

Any given madness said...

mga butt in ako. michelle, you should not take it personally. My thesis was criticized many times too. I had no direction and I finished it for a year. well, siguro different lang yung approach kasi mine was in sciences pero all the same, you should ask around for suggestions and comments and not feel bad when people give you one. para sa ikabubuti mo yun. and i agree with bananas. you thesis will be part of school record. andyan na yan habang buhay. babasahin ng mga tao. nakalagay pangalan mo. it should be one of your best work.

Anonymous said...

to abssss, thanks po ha? :)