These days, a lot of things are really dramatically getting, sort of forcibly crawling into my system—slowly eating me up and wearing me down.

As I am writing this, Athan is throwing invectives at me, literally cursing me for screwing his blog. Two days ago, he was so high spirited as he texted me about the completion of his blog. Few minutes ago, I was singing praises for the wonderful layout. I envied the whole look. Few seconds next, something went amiss.

Problem came when he could not make a single link. He tortured me with questioned about links and comments. Question I know were so simple but I simply could not fucking answer.

I suggested for him to shift to beta. He did. Well, I did the changing for him. And the screwing happened.

As of this writing I am not saying a word to him. He’s beside me, trying to exhume and resuscitate the busted layout.

Invectives still are flying all over the room. And I am on mum-mode.

Saturday afternoon, before I went to play badminton with some new friends, I talked to Lovella, my cousin, over the phone. It was a lengthy conversation that drove me into the pit of unspeakable depression.

Everything about the conversation still makes me feel sick. I hate my mother. I hope she burns in hell.


denib josette said...

awts. bat naman galit ikaw sa mom mo? :P anyways.. mahirap talaga mag-ayos ng lay out, haha.. kaya nagpapagawa lang ako.. :P

Anonymous said...

Haha. I was quite impressed that you were able to do this post while invectives were drilling your ear. Haha!

your mom? bakit?

tin-tin said...

sana magkaayos na kayo

& said...

this post seems a bit depressing. depressing in your part.

hmm. ako rin, i suck at coding and layouting. kaya nga i switched na rin to wordpress since pre-made na ang mga layouts duun.

why mad with your mother?

hmmm. :P goodluck with your crisis. and, uhmm. add mo naman ako sa friendster, or ako mag-aadd sayo???

Lyka Bergen said...

Kiss mo na lang sa nguso ang Athan at super bati na kayo ulit nyan.

Regards raw, from Mama Banana!

Tng Man said...

hi jopai!

who's athan? tagal ko nawala sa cirkulasyon. nasa davao pala ako ngyn.

Billycoy said...

wag mo namang sumpain mom mo... sumpain mo na lang mga politikong kurakot lalong lalo na si madam auring!

glenncruz said...

hi banana... blogrolled you on my site as well... ^_^

aperire said...

hey, bananas! here's wishing you a good day =) hope all is well with were write in saying "one cannot not write..."

i'll continue on...thanks for that it made me realize a lot of things.

* diday kampupot * said...

my dear, rage!

*hugs* for you. di bagay sayo ang imbyerna. u've always been a sunshine in my blog. naks! *wink*