Twice did Grey’s Anatomy make me cry. No. Thrice—the last one was when Athan kept on switching channels and I walked out of the room and headed straight to the kitchen and washed the dishes.

Facing the washbasin, I found out that everything was greasy. Forks. Spoons. My face. My hands.

A glass slipped off from my grip and kissed the tile. Looking at the shards scattered close to my feet, I suddenly recalled how my friends ended up adoring me for giving them my version of Barry Manilow’s Sandra.

I was picking up some of the larger chips, hands still soapy and dripping, when Athan appeared, a blue towel wrapped around his waist. While helping me cleanup the mess, he mustered some courage to tell me “let’s watch Grey’s Anatomy.”

I just looked at him and went back to the washbasin. Silently, he left me and locked himself inside the bedroom. He has the penchant to keep himself inside enclosed spaces. He wraps himself with blanket regardless of the temperature.

Again, Athan decided to lock himself inside our room last night while I partied until 3eyem.

I urged him to go out with me. He refused saying all he wanted to do was to sleep---with me. Sweet but we have always slept together almost all our two-month life as boyfriends. Besides I have already programmed myself to go out last night and aborting the plan could well become a potential explosive issue.

His last ditch effort came as he kissed me and slowly pushed down towards the bed. I turned the offer down.

Eight hours after, Athan was awakened by a call from his mom. I cannot understand what Athan was talking about. I was half-asleep-half-awake and Athan’s words sounded gibberish. But I was sure that something was wrong and it was enough to wake me up.

“The landlord told mom that I have not stayed at the apartment for almost two months now. I’m afraid they would discover some more,” said Athan, fear all over his face.

Two hours has passed and here I am, locked inside my office room while Athan was packing his stuff at my apartment.

“I’m taking two of your boxers,” he texted.


ATHAN'S BLOG said...

hey ! isasa-uli ko dont worry ! walana kasi akong brief nu inubos mo ..bwahahaha ! hehehe ..miss you , naku .. tsk tsk tsk ako nalagi nagbabasa ng blog mo ! hehehe ... ingat ... :D

DYSPNEA said...

hi aMega!!!!...i've never seen an episode of Grey's anatomy (wondrin' what it was and what it got to do with all of these...jejeje)...the only thing i'm sure of is that you've changed a LOT maybe almost... I've accepted you for what you are though, i was ur friend and will always be -that i promise...but sometimes i can't help myself to wonder and it shocks me still to discover things you do now... Hell! What the heck...

Bcuz of u - check mo na rin 1st entry ko...hehehe...

Any given madness said...

hmm.. why not move at his place?

bananas said...
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bananas said...

absss, we've already talked about it and realized that it's next to impossible.

He is a student, you know, and rents out a room and shares it with a neighbor from the province.

He just discovered that it wasnt the landlord who actually squealed but the neighbor. The neighbor told it to his mom and the mom told Athan's mom

Lyka Bergen said...

Coming out is the best solution. Hanggang kelan kayo maging ganyan? Charoots lang po!