Big_dick23 said he wants to eat banana. And not just a banana. He said he wants nothing else but my banana.

If it was a pick-up line, it was a lousy one that failed to dispel the soporific effect of Sarah Brightman’s Eden and the constant little lights blinking at the right side of my screen. The lights were private messages of interested chatters who were either too horny or too young or just both, and all perhaps wanted to have a share of my err…banana.

When Big_dick23 messaged me, I already ditched about six chatters who said they were lonely and that they have a place to “chill.” One of them, a 16-year old freshman nursing student, I urged to lock himself inside his place and to never come out again.

Perhaps it was my fault. I chose one (interesting) nick that spelled “sex” to many who perhaps wanted to read it like that—Banana. But, hey, Banana is just a fruit. What if I chose cucumber or eggplant or bitter melon, avocado or okra?

Most nicks used in the MIRC chatrooms, especially the ones designed for, well…sex, are screaming with double meanings, if not apparent invitations for, uhmm, sex. Even the main room’s discussion revolves around sleazy details of sexual encounters and dick sizes and everything about fucking and nothing else but fucking.

One needs to be really creative to think of better nick to be able to ensnare other chatters or he will be alone in his hardness. Out of touch or untouched.

But my banana is nothing compared to Big_dick23, Red_Hot_Juicy_Cock, or GameTrip23m.

And there was Hard_Alone_Tonight. He said he is 18, always alone in his apartment, top but a versatile top—means, he can be fucked too but mostly prefers to do the job. The kid’s private message popped up with the line “wanna have sex?”

Tirahinmoko sounds Jap but it’s no Jap in any way. Its English translation is “rim me” or simply “fuck me.” I sent him a short private message to ask what’s behind the nick and he said “Nothing…I just wanted to be fucked.” The exchange ended there.

Surf_Boy_Tripper, 17, said he is a tripper. That he is not gay but a straight guy who wanted to have sex with another guy for---trip. Ok. Trip my ass! He showed me some pictures and even turned his webcam on for me but I dropped him. He was just a boy. A very good looking boy.

A new message again flashed. It was Big_dick23 asking me to meet-up. I stopped to think.

But my phone trilled. It was Athan.

I logged off quickly.


athan said...

sus... ! much better if u use CEDRICK ! heheheh ...Ü